The People

Dr. Marc Branham brilliant darkness

Dr. Marc Branham

Appears in Brilliant Darkness and Light of the Genji

Dr. James Karl Fischer, AIA, RIBA brilliant darkness

Dr. James Karl Fischer, AIA, RIBA

Appears in Brilliant Darkness

Zack Lemann brilliant darkness

Zack Lemann

Appears in Light of the Genji

Dr. James Lloyd brilliant darkness

Dr. James Lloyd

Appears in Brilliant Darkness

Dr. Nobuyoshi Ohba brilliant darkness

Dr. Nobuyoshi Ohba

Appears in Brilliant Darkness and Light of the Genji

Rei Ohara brilliant darkness

Rei Ohara

Appears in Brilliant Darkness and Light of the Genji

The Crew

James Karl Fischer brilliant darkness

James Karl Fischer

Executive Producer

Dr. James Karl Fischer PhD is the Executive Director of The Zoological Lighting Institute and serves on the Council of the Royal Institute of British Architects, in addition to operating Zoological Lighting Services (a lighting design firm with a focus on fine art and animal welfare related aims).

Emily V. Driscoll brilliant darkness

Emily V. Driscoll


Emily is a science video director/producer and the founder of BonSci Films, a production company specializing in science and art documentaries. Her films have appeared on PBS stations and screened internationally at museums, universities and film festivals. She produces short videos for NPR's Science Friday and teaches science video production at New York University's Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program.

Jon Foy brilliant darkness

Jon Foy

Editor & Original Score

Jon Foy is a self-taught multi-disciplined filmmaker who specializes in editing and composing. His debut documentary Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles won him the 2011 Sundance Directing Award. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Misa Kimura brilliant darkness

Misa Kimura

Producer in Japan

Misa Kimura earned a B.A. degree in Oriental Philosophy at Waseda University in Tokyo and studied French at Institut Francais du Japon. She began her film career as the production assistant to Mr. Hiroshi Teshigahara, whose film The Woman in the Dunes was awarded Special Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 1964. She worked in Switzerland as a production assistant on the opera 'Turandot', also directed by Mr. Teshigahara, and has since worked on additional international productions. She has more than 15 years of experience in film coordination, production and distribution.

Fumio Sakuma brilliant darkness

Fumio Sakuma

Director of Photography

Fumio Sakuma started working as a freelance cinematographer In 1980, after working for 10 years as an assistant. He shoots nature documentaries produced by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). In 1996, he won the 'Galaxy Award' from the Association of Broadcast Critics in Japan for his video of snow monkeys.

Stavros Basis brilliant darkness

Stavros Basis

Additional Photography

Stav is an avid road tripper, rock climber, and hiker. He shoots nature and science documentaries, develops websites, and photo blogs his travels.

Rei Ohara brilliant darkness

Rei Ohara

Firefly Still Photographs

Rei Ohara is a wildlife photographer specializing in fireflies, harp seals and manatees. He's been photographing fireflies throughout Japan for over 17 years and published photographs about the Japanese hotaru.

Takuji Hattori brilliant darkness

Takuji Hattori

Sound Recording

Takuji Hattori began working as an assistant cinematographer in 1995. He also works as a video engineer and sound recordist. He recently joined the productions 'NHK High Vision Special: Journey of looking for a whale in Mexico' and 'NHK World Natural Heritage: Canadian Rockies, Victoria Falls, Iguazu Falls'.